Fiestalonia Milenio

Request to take part in the contest


We recognise the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all children and young people taking part in our Festival. In accordance with our photography and filming policy we will only permit official images of children and young people present at our Festival to be taken with the consent of the responsible parents/carers/guardians concerned.
I understand that the official images:
Will always illustrate children and young people taking part in the Festival in a positive light
Will not explicitly identify who is appearing in the image
May be published in print and/or online by the press and/or by the Festival organizers
Control of the images after the purchase from our official photographer is outside of our control
All rights for video and audio recordings made within the framework of competition or on its other activities, as well as their use and implementation, belong exclusively to the Organizer – FIESTALONIA.
On submission of the application form, you agree with that the exclusive right to use photos and video materials made within the framework of competition belongs to the organizer of events FIESTALONIA, this right is not limited by time and space. According with this right, FIESTALONIA has particular, but not the final right to propagate and distribute these recordings in digital or analog image on sound carriers, videos and other media (eg., CD, DVD, and video discs, CD-ROM, etc. etc.) in any configuration – together with sound and video recordings of other authors (eg., in the form of so-called «down-mix cuts») – reproduce and distribute them on radio and television in various analog and digital formats, broadcast their public or restricted by any technical devices and put on the Internet through electronic means, such as databases or network resources (Internet and its services, eg., WorldWideWeb , Usenet, E-Mail and other services – Intranet, Extranet), or similar, on any choice and the order of use in all possible areas and business models within the data bank. To accumulate and refill them, regardless of the type of transmission, making them available on call and give them a rating.
It also includes the exclusive right to voice in a subsequent recording in other languages other voices, to translate them into other languages, duplicate and use them for any kind of media, film, cut, split, burn completely or partially connected to the recordings and filming, other products of different operators and photographers, process, and convert them to other image and then implement them in this form within the framework of this Agreement.
Receipt of the application form hereby acknowledges the above and is to be taken as your consensual agreement.