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Excursions in Spain

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Excursion Price adult/children
(up to 12 years)
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Barcelona viewing. The city has become one of Europe’s most popular short break destinations thanks to its privileged location, its vibrant street life, its spectacular Gaudi architecture, its superb cuisine and its football team. There’s so much to see and do in Barcelona that in a weekend you’ll get enough of a taste for the city that you’ll be wanting to return over and over again.

38 EUR / 25 EUR
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Museum Dali & Girona. Girona is a medieval open-air museum and is located less than an hour away from Barcelona. You can enjoy a full day tour (8 hours) by continuing your excursion to the city of Figueres and the famous Dali Museum. You will have sufficient time to explore this most unique art Hall where Dali’s most famous work is exhibited. Prepare for some crazy and fun art displays…!

52 EUR / 35 EUR
(up to 8 years old)
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Rupit. The city of witches. Travel to the Catalan Pyrenees – it is forever memorable routes, you can see the pristine nature, to plunge into the small and lost in the world of the Pyrenees – Catalan real life. Pass the century, carried by the war, crumbling regimes – and somewhere, in another world. And here is the same as many centuries ago, there are walls and swinging in the wind hanging bridge over the river.

45 EUR / 32 EUR
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Montserrat Famous Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, acting, founded in the early eleventh century. You will admire the view from dizzying heights panorama of the mountains and surrounding valleys. The museum at the monastery, you will have the opportunity to see masterpieces by Caravaggio El Greco, Degas, Pissarro, Monet, Picasso, Dali.

40 EUR / 35 EUR
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Carcassonne is a city in south-west France that is best known for its UNESCO World Heritage listed walled city. The Cité de Carcassonne, a medieval fortress settlement with a history that exceeds two and a half thousand years. Picturesque fortifications (over 3 km of walls with 52 towers, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was partly shot here) were reconstructed by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century.

55 EUR / 42 EUR
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Tournaments in a medieval castle. Step back in time and find yourself on a joust in this medieval castle. You will be greeted by Earl and Countess Valltordera and you will be witnessing of a stunning knightly tournament with horse and foot battles on the spears, swords, maces, etc.

43 EUR/21,5 EUR
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PortAventura. Visit to the largest theme park “Port Aventura” will make of your vacation an unforgettable adventure. Thematic areas – the Mediterranean, China, Polynesia, Mexico, the United States of times “Wild West” will open its doors to the world of performances and entertainment.

65 EUR / 55 EUR
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Shopping. La Roca Village. Here you’ll find more than 90 international and domestic brands including Antonio Miro, Dolce e Gabbana, Farrutx, Loewe, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Villeroy & Boch. Whether you’re looking for that elusive must-have or simply the reassurance of quality, La Roca Village outlet has a lot of brands at prices reduced by up to 60%.

30 EUR

Show Flamenco. Flamenco show – it’s not a simple execution of flamenco, and artwork, which boasts the highest level of quality, great choreography and a wide variety of costumes, decorations and illuminations. This show – this is a great wealth of artistic music and dance typical of Spanish folklore.

38 EUR / 19 EUR

*Important footnote

– Cancellation of excursions is not allowed, the money paid for tours will not be returned.

– We ask you to be at the bus stop a few minutes before the time specified in the ticket. If the bus will drive a little later, in advance bring you our apology. In the case of your late arrival or absence, the money for the excursion program will not be returned.

– During the tour, for each stop, the guide will appoint a time for a further bus route. If you for some reason do not appear at the appointed time, we do not return your costs for the return to the hotel on any kind of transport.

– We recommend not taking on trips documents, jewelry, or other valuables, as well as large amounts of money. We do not take responsibility for stolen or forgotten things.