Fiestalonia Milenio


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So you want to tour but our festival dates are not suitable or you fancy something more personal? – We have the answer! A bespoke tour formulated by us to your exact requirements!

Fancy performing in the wonderful Monastic centre of Montserrat? Or how about the iconic unfinished cathedral of the Sagrada Famillia in Barcelona? Perhaps France is more your thing and the cathedral of Notre Dame takes to your liking? or if Italy is more to your flavour and a famous Italian Cathedral is your desire?

Or how about a combination of them all. or some of them. combined into one trip?

We can arrange this for you! Along with all the required transfers, accommodation and excursions!

Perhaps a more intimate feel is required and you wish a more local feel to integrate and perform for the public and visitors? A shorter tour with a more holiday feel… we can arrange this!

You could have a destination already in mind – we have the connections to make it happen!

We could also arrange for Masterclasses conducted by an expert making your experience both full of life long memories, great experiences and education too!

We are fully open to your suggestions and are adaptable enough to suit your precise requirements.

So think out your dream, send us your plan and we will do our upmost to fulfill your wishes!!

This service is open to all our performers, be it Choirs, soloists, orchestras or dance groups.

Please contact our team to start the arrangements!