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Fiestalonia Milenio

Fiestalonia Milenio Fiestalonia Milenio

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Fiestalonia Milenio – European leader in organization of worldwide festivals and competitions for non-commercial creative collectives.

The International contests that we organize evoke feelings of tension and rejoicing, a triumph and tears of happiness, dizziness from the success and immersion in a grand atmosphere of an international competition.

These are feelings that thousands of motivated performers have experienced in one of the most prestigious contests in Europe.

All of them go through unforgettable moments, as it’s a meeting of different creative groups and schools!

All the participants of the contest get an independent and professional mark of international judges who work according to an accurately considered valuation system. This has been developed by us for many years, guaranteeing the highest quality of judging. Each participant and the group’s teachers receive a numbered personalized certificate, which is registered with the Spanish council.

Fiestalonia Milenio provides a whole number of international festivals and contests among these there are special ones. For example there is a number of special competitions for choirs, orchestras, individual instrumental performers; choreography, classical music, singing contests and folklore festivals. We offer all nonprofit creative groups to participate in our festivals and contests of different genres.

The main purpose of the festivals and contests that we organize is to provide a fair competition among creative groups and individual performers from all over the world along with the demonstration of art to the audience and also experience exchange among the group heads.

International competitions, held under the brand Fiestalonia contribute to the preservation and a popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities and the strengthening of international relations.

These cultural activities are directed to the propagation of peace, friendship, fraternal relations and world nations’ solidarity by means of folk art of dance, singing and music, rich traditions and respected national standards of self-expression and communication.

Fiestalonia Milenio is a member of such organizations as the CID UNESCO  | Miembro ACAVe | LLoret Convention Bureau

We invite the cooperation of travel agencies and individual agents from different countries.
Should you wish to discuss becoming one of our successful agents then please do not hesitate to contact us

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Fiestalonia Milenio, SLU
Av. Vila de Blanes 161-169 , Lloret de Mar (Girona), Spain, 17310
Tel: +34 972 376550
Mob: + 34 688 276 248 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Skype: [trx_icon icon=”icon-skype-1″] Fiestalonia


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Catalog of our festivals and competitions 2020 – 2022

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